A Letter to Envy, A Plea

You slither and quiver to enter my soul; a poisonous smoke as black and obscure as darkness and blindness, a venom, impure.  As you settle in my chest, in my heart, you turn into stone, a cumbrous boulder set deep in my bones.  Being contagious, you reach in my mind, you slither and wither, become more refined; create complex ideas, resentful, unkind.

You make me feel heavy, needy, powerless combined; you’re a toxin of evil that destroys any kind: you take over the weak ones, and drive wrongful decisions; wanting to grow inside them, creating destructive visions.  Like a clingy dead vine draining energy from life, you feed off of green, vivid, spring leaves and suck out their light; make them cower and cringe, to your monstrous delight.

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Oh Envy! I plead and implore you, please leave my sight! Help me extract you from the depths of my heart!  I beg and beseech you: please exit my soul!  Slither right out of me and, please, don’t return!  Go into nothingness, please leave unseen!  Leave me peaceful and clean, without covet desires and needless wants, that are truly unruly and must depart!

I also implore you, please, don’t take another; for your poison is hurtful and destructive of others.  Your survival is cruel, parasitic and mean.  Please leave us be, we don’t need you to be.  You are useless and draining, always disdaining any good that may come; any smile, any laughter and any joyful remark.

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So I cast you out Envy!  You are banished from me!  I wish you would cease to exist for you’re no good to anybody!  You are to leave and find no place to be!  No human, no animal will suffer more from thee!  You will vanish into nothingness and fear light, strength and love, for they are the heroes who’ve been sent from above, to vanquish your evil that poisons us all.

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